Site audits

The concept of site audit is so voluminous that it can include a huge list of actions carried out in order to assess and analyze a web resource. Distinguish between software and manual SEO audit.

If a ready-made program is used to detect problems on the site, which evaluates the site in a few minutes and issues a report, then we are talking about a program (automatic) audit. If a manual site audit is used, then software tools can also be used here, but the site is assessed by a person – a specialist in the field of SEO analysis.

Which website audit is better: software or manual?

When you order an SEO audit, ask a specialist how the assessment will be made. The cost of a web audit depends on what tools are used in the work. A software audit is cheaper than a manual audit, and the time frame for its implementation will be minimal.

Before ordering a site analysis, determine the audit goals for yourself and for the SEO specialist. Why do you need an evaluation of a web resource? What results do you want to get? What's the budget?

Site program audit and its features

Site audit using special utilities is an assessment carried out by running the program. As a result of the audit, the program generates a report containing the detected errors and problems. The specialist parses the data generated by the program and makes a conclusion, which is transmitted to the customer.

Who is this audit suitable for?

A programmatic SEO audit is suitable for small sites on a tight budget. You should prefer this option if you cannot afford a detailed analysis of the site. Also, this type of analysis is suitable for detecting small errors and defects.

For a comprehensive assessment of the site and the analysis of complex in its structure resources of the program audit will not be enough. If the site is sanctioned by search engines, then you will not be able to limit yourself to a program check either. In these cases, it will be necessary to carry out a manual analysis with a thorough study of all areas of the Internet portal.

As a result of a programmatic audit, you will receive general information about the site, which will be useful in the optimization process. Often, such an analysis contains errors that are caused by incorrect interpretation of the data obtained. To minimize the risk of errors, you need to entrust the program audit of the site to a competent specialist. Otherwise, you may miss serious mistakes, which will lead to further sanctions by search engines and the ban of the site.

Manual site audit

Manual auditing may involve supporting programs required to analyze the site. However, the main job falls on the shoulders of the SEO specialist.

For whom is such an audit not suitable?

Manual analysis should not be used by owners of small sites with a limited budget. Such an audit is not cheap, so it will take a lot of money and time to get a comprehensive assessment.

Who needs a manual audit

The analysis carried out by specialists is needed for large sites and portals that require the development of a complex promotion strategy. Also, sites that have come under the sanctions of search engines cannot do without it. If the resource owner is faced with the goal of increasing profits and targeted traffic, then it is best to invest in a manual audit. This is a profitable investment that pays off quickly.

As a result of the audit, a report is generated that includes the following information:

  1. Detailed information about the errors found and their causes. Such a report can take 25-100 pages, depending on the specifics of the web resource.
  2. Recommendations for troubleshooting. The SEO specialist makes recommendations that can be used to improve the site and fix the problems found. If the site is subject to sanctions, then the report describes the nature of these sanctions, their consequences and how to exit.
  3. Accompanying documents. This information confirms the information covered in the detailed report and helps to analyze the status of the site. Often accompanying documents contain screenshots, links to resources, comparative analysis.

When ordering a site audit, define your goals and objectives. Tell the specialist what difficulties you have encountered while promoting your site. For a complete analysis and solution of problems, it is worth conducting a manual audit. If you need a quick cursory assessment then opt for a programmatic audit.

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