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This is one of the several options available online to find and buy expired domains and it features a small inventory of quality domains with the inclusion of the most important metrics. The domains are presented in the form of a table with columns containing the relevant data to evaluate the quality of the assets.

What I like about this marketplace in comparison to other alternatives, is the fact that their inventory is comprised of mostly high-metric domains with decent levels of authority and trust.

Another aspect I find particularly advantageous is the fact the the prices featured on the site are fixed, actual prices and not auction prices, meaning that you know exactly what you will pay for the asset from the get-go without having to enter a bidding war. More importantly, the prices are very reasonable for comparable domains with similar metrics found at other marketplaces.

For example, if you go to one of the other marketplaces such as Spamzilla, you will find domains like this one:

As you can see, the domain in the image has a TF19 and a DA16 with a price tag of $699, which is not even the final price given that this is an auction domain, so you are actually looking at a number that in all likelihood will be higher at the end of the auction.

But if we go to Authority Outreach and search for a domain with similar metrics we can find it for a price of $233, which is a great deal compared to Spamzilla:

So how does Authority Outreach (AO) Premium Domain Marketplace work?

How to Access AO Premium Domain Marketplace?

Unlike other expired domain marketplaces, access to the database is 100% free, there are no subscription or registration fees of any kind, you simply have to enter your name and email and a message containing a password is sent to right to your inbox so you can see the full list of domains with their respective metrics.

This is a big plus because your investment in order to get your hands on an expired domains will be limited to the price of acquiring the asset, nothing more, nothing less.

What Metrics Are Featured In The Marketplace?

The marketplace features the following metrics for each domain:

  • DA or Domain Authority
  • TF or Trust Flow
  • DR or Domain Rank
  • RD or Number of Referring Domains
  • BL or Number of Backlinks

These metrics are the most important ones to keep in mind at the time of buying an expired domains.

I personally like to have at least a TF10+, along with DA20+ and a minimum of RD100. Then I like to pair that with DR10+ and a backlink count of several hundred links or more, but if course all of this will vary depending on the niche and levels of competition I will be facing when using the expired domain I am buying.

Indeed, you don’t need to obsess too much about having a domain with the highest metrics, but rather one that has a strong enough link profile to compete in your niche. So, if the link profile of your competition at the top of Google is not that solid, all you may need is a domain with TF12, DA15 and RD50, which means you may only have to invest a couple of hundred dollars instead of several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

Therefore, once you you have analyzed your competition’s link profile, you can simply check the metrics for the available domains at Authority Outreach and decide which of them is best suited for your project, depending on what your goals are.

Will I Have to Bid to Buy My Domain?

No, and this to me is one of the strong-suits of AO Premium Domain Marketplace, because you can come in with a budget at hand and browse through the different options available to make a decision and spend exactly the price that is listed on the site.

I have purchased domains in auctions at Godaddy and other marketplaces, and I can tell you that even domains that up until the last minute are listed for $20 or less can end up ballooning to prices beyond $1,000 as a result of bidding wars, which will either leave you disappointed or with a big and unexpected hole in your wallet.

What Are The Advantages Of This Marketplace?

Some of the pros of using this marketplace have been already discussed above, but I will summarize what I like about it:

  • All expired domains listed in the marketplace are premium previously-vetted domains with a great variety of link profiles.
  • The marketplace features what I think are the most important metrics in order to evaluate the strength of the assets so you don’t have to spend money on analysis tools.
  • Ability to filter the inventory to narrow down your search based on the metrics which hold more importance to you.
  • Access to the marketplace is 100% free, you never have to pay anything to have a look and buy expired domains, which will save you even more money.
  • There is no need to download or install software of any kind, you can access all the data and pricing online.
  • The prices for the expired domains are fixed, there is no bidding involved in the buying process, so you can rest assured that you will pay what you see, not a penny more.
  • There is neat option that allows you to make an offer and get an even better price whenever possible.

What Are The Downsides Of This Marketplace?

As with everything in life, nothing can be perfect and this is no exception.

The AO Premium Domain Marketplace has, in my view, these disadvantages:

  • Small inventory

While I usually have no problem finding premium expired domains with the metrics I need, it is true that if you need domains with crazy high metrics you may have to go to other marketplaces in order to find them, given that this marketplace only offers a few hundred domains at any given time.

However, do keep in mind that if you are looking for domains with link profiles beyond what you can find in this marketplace, you will need to be ready to handle the significantly higher price tags resulting from the inevitable auction battles.

  • Limited Metric Levels

As mentioned before, this marketplace offers a small but very nice inventory premium domains with great all-around metrics, however, you will rarely find domains with TF60, DA70 or DR 65. So if you have a need for domains with exceptionally strong link profiles you will have to look elsewhere and of course be willing to shell out anywhere from several thousands of dollars all the way up to five figures or more in order to pay the asking price.

In Conclusion

This marketplace is my first option whenever I set out to buy a premium expired domain because I can look at the inventory along with all the most important metrics, all without having to spend money on SEO tools, pay a membership or a registration fee.

On top of that, I can know with certainty the price I will be paying for my premium domain I choose, and in some cases, I may be able to negotiate the price of any given domain by using the “Make an Offer” feature, which opens the possibility of saving some extra money on my purchase.

My recommendation is, always look at AO Premium Domain Marketplace first and if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can move on to other venues which will provide you with a more extensive inventory, although you will have to spend money on membership fees and pay a higher price for your expired domain.

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