Local SEO site optimization, geo targeting and promotion by region

Local SEO optimization and promotion by region

When a company operates in several regions or has several offices in one city, it is necessary to promote services and products in such a way that interested users find them. In this case, the following are used as the main tools of work: geotargeting, promotion of landing pages, management of external lists. All these methods are aimed at attracting the target audience – the company's potential customers interested in getting information about the promoted products.

Geo targeting and local SEO in website promotion

For companies with representative offices in different cities, it is important to ensure that information for each office is displayed in the local search results. In other words, if a consumer from Moscow is looking for sportswear, then in the search results he should see those pages of the site that contain information about the conditions and places of sale of this product in Moscow. If, during the search, pages appear offering goods in Yekaterinburg or Krasnodar, then such information will not be of interest to the user. The promotion will not give the expected result, since a non-target visitor will be attracted.

In order for users to find your offices in their cities of residence, you must ensure that the relevant information is displayed in the search. This will require geo targeting and local search engine optimization.

1. Geo-targeting of the site

The company's website should be optimized for a specific city in which offices and representative offices are located. If the company has offices in different cities, it will be necessary to create separate landing pages and optimize them for search engines, taking into account the region of promotion.

In the course of optimization and setting up geotargeting, the following work is carried out:

  1. The URL addresses of the site pages are localized (the name of the city is written in them).
  2. Snippets, title and description tags are localized.
  3. Content is optimized. The city's name is mentioned in texts, headings and subheadings, as well as the alt tag.
  4. Introduced schematic page layout.
  5. Placed contact information for each representative office, office.

2. Promotion and optimization of landing pages.

A separate landing (landing) page should be created for the representative office in each city. It should be informative and actionable. In the process of creating landing pages, you must be guided by the following principles:

  1. Submit information about contact details, coordinates of branches and offices.
  2. Adapt the page for mobile devices.
  3. Create a unique description for each department, office.
  4. Indicate opening hours.
  5. Publish a list of provided services, offered goods.
  6. Place social media buttons.

A good landing page should accomplish several basic tasks:

  1. Provide potential customers with complete and clear information about the company's offer, its products, services.
  2. Facilitate the organization of interaction with the target audience.
  3. Motivate to buy, generate demand for goods and services, call for action.

3. Geo targeting: creating and managing local lists

In the process of local optimization, an important role is given to the management of external lists. This is a time consuming and monotonous process that requires attention. Local lists should display information about the company and its representative offices. At a minimum, it is necessary to place data on the location of offices, telephones for communication, working hours.

To begin with, it is worth adding the data to the Yandex and Google lists. After that, it is necessary to mark the coordinates of the offices and branches of the company on the maps of popular search engines. A good result is given by thematic groups in social networks created for each region or city. To get additional traffic through geotargeting, you should use channels such as sites of regional partners, yellow pages, news resources.

Using geotargeting, local SEO and website promotion by region allows you to attract the target audience and filter out low-quality traffic. The listed methods are the basis for such optimization. Their use is necessary for effective search engine promotion.

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